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Relationships Repurposed

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Hundreds of families have saved their time, money and heartache​

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We help you understand your financial position in order to make the best decisions to focus on your Fresh Start.

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Our Parenting Plans focus on delivering the best outcomes keeping your kids best interests at the top of the list 

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We Learn About Your




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And Focus on Your

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The Fresh Start Process

Initial Consult

Step 2 - Understanding what's needed for the agreement you both want

Financial Analysis

Step 3 - Understanding your 

Financial Situation

Asset Division

Step 4 - Coming to Agreement 

on all Financial Matters

Parenting Plans

Step 5 - Creating a Parenting Plan 

that meets your needs

Your Agreement

Step 6 - A Negotiated 

Agreement that stands the test

of time

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Step 1 - Getting to know you and your unique situation

How does Fresh Start Divorce Mediation work? 

We ask the difficult questions.


What is better than Fair

What is even better than a win/win scenario?

What about better than common sense?

We focus on your Fresh Start


The      range Story

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