Conflict Resolution 101

I had the opportunity recently to volunteer with RFJS and ADRIC in different capacities. With RFJS, it was to opine about the state of Divorce in Alberta. I found this experience to be incredibly affirming, working with many professionals from different backgrounds, all searching for similar improvements to our current Family Justice System. With ADRIC, we helped structure their upcoming 2015 National Conference, developing the theme and speaker selection for the event to be held at the end of October 2015. One of the ideas that was discussed was a TED Talk themed event. (If interested to speak at ADRIC 2015, contact me) This inspired a google search into similar Conflict Resolution themed TED Talks, circulating out there. For those of you who have wanted to get ahead in understanding how to effectively negotiate positive, long-term resolutions, you have probably been told to read William Ury's, Negotiation 101, book - 'Getting to Yes'. This is his TED Talk on Conflict Resolution. Enjoy.

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