A Mediators Rant on Israel Palestine

Author: Don Schapira, Q.Med.

Since the outset of the latest flare up in the occupied territories, I have been repeatedly asked for my opinion on which side of the fence I am on. Rather than share it, I typically choose to listen and understand what side is theirs. My curiosity is usually fulfilled with a simple "well, how do you feel about it?".

I do this because my real opinion, which I state at the end, is in a word - unpopular.

I have done my fair share of reading, seen my share of documentaries, and have lived experiences on this topic, yet now for the first time, I have decided to finally put my thoughts into a blog - albeit, from the lens of a mediator.

If I were to write that my opinion is as follows - I agree this seems to be the case of a people, indigenous to the land, being mercilessly and deliberately targeted by aggressive forces, with no regard to human life, with the hopes of ethnically cleaning the land of its people.